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Smokehound by Rayaya
It's Halloween so I figured I'd draw something a little spooky! Ghostly smoky slobbery demon dog here. I started drawing it in a lecture today instead of taking notes (it's ok, I don't think it was very important).
But yeah that was quite fun doing all that smoke shading. Not something I've tried much before. The side of my hand is all grey now oops.
Ink by Rayaya
Similar to the last thing, but - 2 eyes and + 2 ears. Her name is Ink, and she has a very neon green eye. Did you know that black + neon green is one of my favourite colour combos?

This one is made from minky instead of fleece. Really made me realise how much less stretchy minky is. I used the same pattern as before, but due to being less stretchy fabric this one ended up a bit skinnier looking with a smaller head. This one also is partially stuffed with beans, so is floppier than the grey thing. However I decided I also liked having them able to stand up on their feet, so I added some stiff wires to her legs so she can stand whilst still being quite floppy. Again there is also a pipe cleaner in the tail tip so it can hold onto stuff.

I like this pattern! I should make more things with it. (It would also be fairly easy to adapt into a nadder from HTTYD, hmmmm.)
Something with 3 eyes by Rayaya
Something with 3 eyes
... and 2 legs, and 1 of most other things. I don't know what it is, it wasn't meant to be anything in particular. It looks like an armless dinosaur or a snake with legs or something.

I made this to test out a pattern idea before wasting any minky (that's right, for once I actually made a prototype, wow), and I think it worked pretty well, especially the feet. I think I'd like to make the final version a beanie though, so I might need to make a couple adjustments to make it better suited to being floppy, like maybe a shorter neck and fatter legs.

This version might work well with a wire skeleton (especially in its toes, it'd be great if it could hold on to things with those monkey feet) but it's only got a wired tail tip because I'm running low on pipe cleaners. It seems to be relatively poseable without wires though, as long as it's standing on a rough surface. It can't stand on tables. Maybe I should make it some shoes. Actually it turns out it can stand on tables with some persuasion. Okay! It still prefers a sofa though.

Oh, and it has 3 eyes because one of my large black safety eyes fixed itself to its washer in the bag and is now unusable, so I was left with an odd number of large eyes.
Fish Cat by Rayaya
Fish Cat
I found this old doodle in my for some reason. It was the only thing in there.

This is Fish Cat, he is a cat who is also part fish tank. He plugs his whisker into a plug socket to power his filter. I wrote half a story featuring him once.


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haPy birth
sinistertale Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Photographer
Would you do commissions for axolotl plushies?
I saw the one you made, and I'm in love!
Barkisawrusawr Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
i love the design for pawface, it's something i've never seen before and it's really enjoyable, keep up with the good work!
BaileyNickerson Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks so much for sharing your plush patterns with everyone. Thats very awesome of you :3
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i need your axoltle teddys i love them were can i buy them from !!!
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everthing~ great~ :3
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Thank you!
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X3 well your a good artist~ :3
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i'm really suprised you aren't more popular omg

you really make me want to sew even though i have no talent at all aaaah !
PhantomSunsSong Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Student Writer
Ah, your plushes are so cute! I've recently gotten into plush making, and looking at your gallery has inspired me to really try to design more of my own things! Also, the idea of using fleece rather than plain fabric is really helpful.
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